By Jodi Holland, RD

It’s almost here!  Can you feel it?  Longer days and warmer nights paired with year-end school celebrations are sure signs.  Summer!  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m all about routine.  I love structure.  But the permission that comes with this time of year to loosen the reins on timelines and extra-curricular commitments is welcome.

Maintaining your wellness goals over the summer doesn’t have to be a chore.  Try re-focusing your goals with a summer twist to bring new life and ease to your self-care commitments.  Consider these five tips to help you maintain your wellness goals this summer!

5 Tips to Maintain Your Wellness Goals This Summer

  1. Visit a Farmer’s Market or pick your own berries for the freshest selection. Cucumbers, cauliflower and corn, oh my!  The bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables this time of year makes filling half of your plate with produce simple.

Use your garden greens to make this recipe: Chickpea Garden Green Salad

  1. Carry your water bottle with you. Keeping hydrated with non-sugar sweetened beverages is the best choice to keep your energy and fluid status up.  As well, having water with you is a great way to curb unintended purchases for beverages that only contribute empty calories and additional waste.

Looking for a beverage with some flavour?  Freeze cubed watermelon pieces, then blend with ice for a refreshing summer drink.

  1. Host a barbecue. Eating with others is so good for our emotional health.  Putting thought into creating a nutritious and satisfying menu, eating slowly while conversing and mindfully enjoying all the flavours of the meal is a great way to support social networks and good digestion.

Tantalize your guests’ taste buds with this appetizer! Caprese Tomato & Melon Stacks

  1. Take a walk on the beach. Move your daily activity outside and make it a goal to visit a new park, trail or beach each week.

Prepare this No-Bake Trail Mix for your next hiking adventure.

  1. Sleep under the stars. Getting a good night’s sleep can positively affect so many parts of your health and wellness.  Go camping or set-up your tent in the backyard with the kids for a night of fresh, cool summer air.

Pack this Camping Pancake Mix to pair with eggs and fruit for a great start the next morning!

Happy Summer!